If you’re going to do a “Walking Simulator” this game, this game man, is how you do it!

Firewatch is a game that came out of nowhere, appearing on steam like a ghostly apparition, it quickly became insanely popular, having sold an estimate of 169,052 copies within 7 days of its launch. Not bad for something that didn’t have the backing of a full AAA marketing campaign. It’s a bit pointless to ask whether I believe that its a good game as I’ve made my placement clear in the first sentence.

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When I first encountered Superhot it was a free flash game on the Miniclip website, I played it, mildly enjoyed it and then toddled off to finish god knows what I was doing at that point in university.

However here I am face to face with it again, this time it’s sporting a £17.99 price tag, now you see I’m a suspicious man by nature so when I see what used to be a free game now selling for a not-so-modest amount mini alarm bells start to ring. Often I’m wrong or misguided but it only has answer one question to win me over and that is..What can i do in the paid version that I can’t do in the retail one?

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Square Enix: The Deus Debacle

The idea of the pre-order has always been a sore point for me ever since I pre-ordered Colonial Marines. I toddled to the store and threw down my hard earned money on a game that my only encounter with was on a stage at E3, with brilliant lighting effects, competent AI and a real horror atmosphere. My younger mind was blown away by such a fantastic looking game and being a major fan of the franchise, I believed that it was an easy buy.

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