A Very Short Discussion on One Life.

There has been a lot of discussion about putting a fixed deadlocked time on how long people can play a multiplayer game for, this is ignoring the “natural death” of the game where its is not viable to keep the servers running , and it seems that it might possibly have been taken to far.

This notion of a game having a fixed player life has always been there, servers get shut down for games all the time, based on how well the online community is performing. Titan fall and evolve are two that are on the figurative life support of online gaming and I believe that plug will be soon pulled.

However with the arrival of “The Flock” on steam on the 21st of August the developers,  Vogelsap, put a fixed timeline on how long their game would be available to play. The Flock would effectively be taken off sale when the games population, related to player deaths, reached 0. Although with poor launch sales and a population counter hovering at 215,289,061 and an active player community of nobody I somehow think they overestimated how many people would be playing this. (It is a buggy mess)

The concept is an interesting one. Although with the trailer release of recently greenlit game “One Life”, one must ask the question how far is to far? The concept for “One Life” is that quelle surprise you only have a single life. Once you are killed your steam account is removed from the games servers, although players have the option to “spare” you and take you captive as well as doing other humiliating things such as urinating over downed players. It’s a chance to be the nihilist you were born to be.

For a survival game, it’s actually a proper survival game, where death is death. The major factor is that most players want to get the greatest length out of their games for the money and that is perfectly understandable. However I would rather have a very condensed experience such as “Brothers: A Tale of Two sons” that a long rambling “fetch quest” filled slog that i felt that “KOA: Reckoning” turned into. The length of “One Life” is totally down to how you play the game. Run in guns blazing, and sure you might take a few with you, but the likely hood is that you will be killed. If you play smart and try group together then you just might be able to make a good go of it.

Whilst I don’t believe it should be charging more than £5, I appreciate that it’s an untested concept in the multiplayer medium, and that innovation should be applauded in most of its incarnations.

If you do die within 2 hours then just refund the game.


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