Death of Steam Greenlight – The Lights Go Off.

Seems that steam has decided to finally clean up shop and is getting rid of the Greenlight voting system.

The way Greenlight works is simple, a developer pays a one time fee of $100, from there they are free to upload as many trailers as they like for the general public to vote on.

If they are successful they’re contacted by steam to arrange for their game to be brought into the store proper, however because of the one off fee, Greenlight is often flooded with terrible mind numbing asset flips from developers who just want to make a quick pay check. So how does it work and will the new system prevent this?

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If you’re going to do a “Walking Simulator” this game, this game man, is how you do it!

Firewatch is a game that came out of nowhere, appearing on steam like a ghostly apparition, it quickly became insanely popular, having sold an estimate of 169,052 copies within 7 days of its launch. Not bad for something that didn’t have the backing of a full AAA marketing campaign. It’s a bit pointless to ask whether I believe that its a good game as I’ve made my placement clear in the first sentence.

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When I first encountered Superhot it was a free flash game on the Miniclip website, I played it, mildly enjoyed it and then toddled off to finish god knows what I was doing at that point in university.

However here I am face to face with it again, this time it’s sporting a £17.99 price tag, now you see I’m a suspicious man by nature so when I see what used to be a free game now selling for a not-so-modest amount mini alarm bells start to ring. Often I’m wrong or misguided but it only has answer one question to win me over and that is..What can i do in the paid version that I can’t do in the retail one?

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Fran Bow or How I learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Pills.

A game like this shows the potential of a crowd funding project. A crafty macabre indie title that has generated quite a lot of acclaim from steam reviewers and critics alike. And i actually feel physical romantic love for this game.

The art style alone is already a winner in my book, a style that strikes me as very Salvador Dali in places, a surrealist nightmare where the only way to stay in reality is to to take your pills. Or is it?

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Undertale: The Scariest Horror….Legit.

Now despite me loving the bones off old horror movies, the original The Crazies is an incredible piece of cinema, most horror games have always eluded me as a source of entertainment.

I decided to brush the dust off my copy of The Evil Within and within the first hour I was already bored to tears. There’s no comprehensive story. It’s do this for reasons, every scene that I played through felt like it had just been copied straight from the big book of cliche horror tropes, in the end I just switched it off.

However it got me thinking and that’s always a dangerous thing.

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Square Enix: The Deus Debacle

The idea of the pre-order has always been a sore point for me ever since I pre-ordered Colonial Marines. I toddled to the store and threw down my hard earned money on a game that my only encounter with was on a stage at E3, with brilliant lighting effects, competent AI and a real horror atmosphere. My younger mind was blown away by such a fantastic looking game and being a major fan of the franchise, I believed that it was an easy buy.

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The Phantom Pain: The eulogy of Konami.

Everyone I know today is rejoicing, or holding their breath in anticipation for their next payday, for at midnight last night Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain got released. Well lets call it what it is, HIDEO KOJIMA presents Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, after all seems only fair that credit is given where credit is due.

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